acumen penetration, *discernment, insight, perception, discrimination
Analogous words: shrewdness, sagacity, perspicacity, astuteness (see corresponding adjectives at SHREWD): sharpness, keenness, acuteness (see corresponding adjectives at SHARP)
Antonyms: obtuseness
Contrasted words: dullness, stupidity, slowness, denseness (see corresponding adjectives at STUPID): blindness, purblindness (see corresponding adjectives at BLIND)

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  • acumen — (del lat. «acūmen, ĭnis») m. Agudeza de la punta o corte de un utensilio o arma. ⊚ Intensidad de un dolor. ⊚ Perspicacia de la vista o el oído. * * * acumen. (Del lat. acūmen, ĭnis). m. desus. Agudeza, perspicacia, ingenio …   Enciclopedia Universal

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